Hey guys, I am so mad that I had to start over all over again. My previous blog got deleted and I had to start afresh from everything. Anyway this is a new beginning and I will try to continue to write some more and communicated with loads of you guys.

I have missed you

Slow dance naked on a Sunday afternoon

We were moving, body to body to no music

My hard and puckered tits pressing hard against his chest

His body hot and strong against mine

We were slow dancing naked on a Sunday afternoon…


He turned me around and yanks my hips slamming my ass against his hard cock,

It was hard it almost slid into me through out clothes,

His dexterous hands touch my nipples and I felt like I will combust,

Punch them, the adrenaline powerful than tsunami

I drew my head back and he leaned down and bit my neck while his finger applied more pressure on the turgid beads,

We were dancing naked on a Sunday afternoon


His touch was like a wave of passion,

It laved across my body like the river falls

It left trails of want as he trailed his way to my pussy,

He cupped my kitten and bit on my neck while we moved,

Slowly dancing naked on a Sunday afternoon


His fingers spread my pussy open

Clit pulsed like an angry vein

He pressed on it

The climax lingered

Round and round he moved

His fingers slow danced with my clit on a Sunday afternoon


Round and round he played with it

In and out he toyed with it

But he never did it quick, it was our slow dance

My hips moved in rhythm with his touch

My pussy dripped salivating his hardness

He pressed harder between my but cheeks and I yearned for him

His fingers played with my pussy like I was his new toy


He stopped and slid down

He kissed my pussy in sweet romantic touches,

Then he licked

Gentle, slowly

Driving me crazy

Sliding his tongue into me

Fingers grabbing hard on my ass

My hips moving slowly with his mouth on me

He sucked on me

Drinking my essence fervently


And as I climaxed he never stopped the slow dance on a Sunday afternoon,

Writing out of frustration

You ever wanted someone so bad that imagining life without them is like imagining life without oxygen. Ever felt like you like someone to an extent that you would give anything to spend at least a second with them? I have and I do. It’s nothing because it’s scary and unhealthy. Liking someone to a point that I feel like they are the only one that will be able to understand my complicated life. That they will touch me and erase all the problems of the world. He will kiss me and I will forget even where I am. Have you ever felt that kind of a strong pull? That once someone flirts with you that one person you want involuntarily comes into your mind and you feel like flirting back to the stranger would be cheating on your phantom of love? Everytime I loosen up tell myself I should give it a go with other lads, he just happens to be in my head and all of a sudden I will become cold because I am madly in love with this person that I am completely not in love with, does that make sense?

I tell myself I have let go of him and then realise I can’t stop thinking about him, he is even in my dreams and I don’t know what to do because what Can I do? Everything I always want is always off limits. Out of touch. Not mine. Nothing’s ever mine.

I dare to imagine myself happy with another that’s not him and within the fantasy I find myself going back to him. The story always go back to him.

I dare to think maybe it’s the age thing. I have a fetish maybe but still the story comes back to him; I mean what the fuck!

I dare to think of enjoying romance and intimacy with another that’s not him and even in the fantasy my body become colder than the dead fish but when the story goes to him my body suddenly heats up like his image in my head is a turn in button.

I dare to smile for another and I feel so bad, so guilty because I feel like I have betrayed him, I have smiled at this other guy and it’s not good.

My affection for him has imprisoned me into thinking he and only him can make me happy, I mean what the honest FUCK!

He is probably happy and swinging with another woman, it’s 3:45 right so maybe he just banged some chick, girlfriend maybe?

I am not in his mind at all. Not even once, he doesn’t think about me, I mean; why would he I am just the pretty girl he flirted with right?


It’s frustrating as fuck. Real kind of bullshit! Bull-fucking-shit!!!!

I am sick and tired of feeling like this I mean what the fuck, really what the fuck is wrong with me! I fucking hate him so much right now cause I can feel my heart so swollen and beating at such a speed because I am fucking thinking about him and for how long will I think about his fucking ass!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I can’t even write now cause he inspired all the bullshit I was writing. I love writing erotica but if it’s not him in my mind, I am not thinking anything erotic. I try to write but it will be so cold.

Fuck! Fuck him so bad because he’s out me through this bullshit of emotions.

I am not used to feeling emotions but Fuck! I feel like I am a walking talking ball Of emotions and that shit’s pissing me the fuck off!

She craves

She craves to be loved,

In the most incongruous way,

Her eyes never seize to look at a man solely with no sexual intent,

She looks at their hands, loves clean and long fingers, thick and manly

She imagines how they would feel against her soft flesh, how they would feel if they ever vacated her hole

She looks at their body – how it would feel against her body, do they hold enough authority to press her against the wall and fuck her until she can’t feel her ass?

Their eyes, do they enfold the eroticism in his head, how far can he push her and how would he look into her eyes when he whispers all his hot intents,

Then she thinks, what if they are naked.

How well would they aim to satiate her needs.

She craves to be loved and to be loved in the most imaginable way.

I am so in love with you

I love you

But you are oil in my water

A vinegar in my tea

A lemon in my milk

Salt in my coffee

I love you

Hence you are a ketchup on my ice cream

Mayonnaise on my cake

Boiling water on my ice

Mustard in my castard

But I love you

You the poison in my apple

The dirt on my snow

The block on my lane

The noise in my peace

The bug in my garden

And I love you

You the pimple on my face

The obstacle in my way

The bleach on my clothes

And yet here I am loving you

The darkness in my light

The cry in my heart

The pain all over my body

The sorrow in my happiness

The sadness in my laughter

The joker in my funeral

And I have loved you ever since.


Nothing to my everything

Loving Thy Self

Sometimes they say no one will love you unless you love yourself


As a weakness as that is

Sometimes you need someone to love you so you can realise you have something lovable about you.

Just like a compliment,

Once complemented you know a pinch of confidence and self belief is breed,

Your smile will shine like you have been handed diamonds.

Love yourself so you can love someone else


It wouldn’t take a genius to know that,

Love, is something stupid.

It barely scratches at the definition of perfection.

Love, is sweet and bitter,

Poisonous and venomous like a honey glazed snake

Love, is good.

Just like your life is good

Your heaven is sweet and your Hell bitter

Love is amazing

Cause it makes you stupid

Makes you forget what maturity is

Love is an escape,

Like a drug

But just like any drug it’s addictive

And when addicted, you can do anything for it

And slowly and slowly you lose yourself

So it wouldn’t take a genius to know, the value of love is no longer the same like it should be.



Deny the truth fabricated by the sweet tantalising feel in the air,

clouds with a scent of lust, an aroma of love and a hint of bad romance and the spice of our incoherent fetish,

Let’s deny the pulse that beats within our bodies, the breathtaking immeasurable pulse of blood rushing, heat – dripping and expansion?

Let’s deny the montage of your entrance into your kingdom, how every inch pulsated when it vacated the warm cave,

Let’s deny the urge to feel lips touch with such need and hence tenderness, affection blossoming like a rose in speed growth

Let’s deny the beauty of lust we embody, how dirty our thoughts really are and how much sex we would have,

Let’s deny the ecstasy we feel when our bodies become one,

When my chains wrap your wand tight,

When my legs are locked at your back

Toes – padlocks holding you tight to me

Let’s deny all of it…

And shall the light show it’s way.